Founded in 2011, AMSOL (American Steel Solutions LLC) is a world-class company primarily engaged in the manufacture and repair of oil equipment and commerce industry, as well in the production, importation and exportation of steel structures.

In Mexico AMSOL has more than 215,000 ft2 of manufacturing area and 35,000 ft2 in the United States. It also has a large staff of certified welders by the American Welding Society, smiths and steel workers. It is equipped with all the necessary tools and instruments to remain competitive in a market that grows and advances vertiginously.

In the manufacturing process they are specialists in calculating the exact amount of structural steel needed to respond to seismic and wind forces, live and dead loads of each project. Their tenacity and experience have allowed them to successfully solve the most complex projects in the most extreme situations. Their technical and human resources provide them an advantage over the competition: strength, courage and persistence to solve the most difficult challenges that are impossible for others.

As of 2016 AMSOL enters its best moment with a new administration. As a fundamental piece of GRUPO TORUS, it opens its horizon to the world of integral construction.

AmsolTX - Grupo Torus
AmsolTX - Grupo Torus

Design, supply and final assembly

Structure design and improvement of structural designs

Project Management

P.E. Structural analysis and design sealing

Cleaning with abrasive jet, primary material and paint

Structural manufacturing, cutting with plasma machine and steel bending

Oil tanks and pipes’ mechanical installation

CNC machining


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